New opportunities and challenges have come into my life after learning English. Now I'm more determined to move forward. Thanks not only to the support I received from my family but also to the motivation of all teachers of TTE Language Center, those who always taught us to move forward no matter the difficulties, rather learn from them.
Lorena Argueta
"When I began to study on TTE Language Center everything seemed so hard both to speak and to write. Now, I have followed practicing everything I've learned and I can say that the results are huge, for example; I maintain better communication with my boss and I feel very safe to do so. I am very proud of everything that I've achieved and I know that there are many projects coming and without hesitation I will carry them out. Thanks to my parents, friends and teachers because without your support it would have not been able to share moments like this with others. God gave me this opportunity and accomplish my purposes in the USA"
Nelson O. Diaz
"I remember one day my wife was cooking and I saw TV, It was then that I realized that I only wasted my time. So I decided to look for a school where I could learn English and enrolled in TET Language Center. Now, I can go anywhere without relying on others to communicate, I can give I understand in English. Personally I enjoy the be able to communicate with other people in English."
Carlos H. Murcia
I remember that I listened to other people talking in English and I couldn't understand them. It was something that I would get frustrated, I can not describe in words the feeling that this caused in me. After many years, I found the solution to my problem to see the prospectus in an English school and told me: "Melissa is time to learn English." I enrolled in TTE Language Center and after a few months I began to see my life from a different perspective.
Melissa Ivone Chacon Solis
I have always believed that any immigrant who comes to this country, You must learn English as a second language for many reasons, for example: communication with others is more feasible, It is possible to apply to any job that requires speaking this language, and why not say it, ask for help when you need it. For all the reasons mentioned above it is that I chose to study English. TTE Language Center was the institution that opened the doors to achieve one of my dreams. Today I can say that in all this process had very good teachers, who always me motivated to continue regardless of the drawbacks that you submit. I am absolutely convinced that if it was not because I went to my classes at this school, I had not been able to obtain opportunities that I have.
Cleydi M. Ramos Sosa
I can say that studying English has brought many benefits to my life. Today I have a different position in my job, where in addition to reading, I can understand and communicate with others. I am very grateful to all teachers of TTE Language Center for the patience and advice that I constantly received on the part of each one of them.
Level Borja
This Center has given me much more confidence because now I'm not afraid to communicate, write or meet people. Each teacher will help on levels of study and make sure that each student proceed according to the requirements of the program. All teachers have training that can make learning easier. TTE Language Center has a very professional organization and a suitable environment for the learning of the English language.
Olman Flores
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